Details Matter.

Our business philosophy is to deliver an exceptional overall experience to each client—from initial design to turnkey completion‭. ‬We work with our clients through every phase of the building process to help them achieve their dreams with keeping it stress-free and enjoyable‭.‬

With over twelve years in the construction business in West Michigan‭, ‬Blair has a great understanding of what it takes in building a quality home‭. ‬He not only contracts‭, ‬but works right beside others to improve the productivity and quality of his product‭, ‬while making sure‭ ‬he is always available for his clients‭. ‬Blair is a personable‭, ‬hard working‭, ‬and honest person‭. ‬Your goals become his goals and‭ ‬your home‭, ‬along with your timeline and budget‭, ‬are always kept at the forefront‭. ‬Blair’s personal approach and dedication to diligence‭, ‬customer service‭, ‬and integrity enable him to deliver an exceptional building experience for his clients‭. ‬

Building homes has given Blair, and his wife Elizabeth, the unique opportunity to work together. While Blair handles the bulk of the company, Elizabeth helps with general office administration. She also assist client’s with the initial layout design, interior selections, and custom elements throughout the home, which makes them a great team and helps set a home apart from others.

By paying close attention to the details and building only a select number of homes per year‭, ‬Blair Builders is able to successfully construct quality homes in a timely manner for a highly competitive price‭. ‬

Building a home doesn’t have to be stressful‭. ‬Our goal is to make the building process rewarding‭, ‬enjoyable‭, ‬and even fun‭!‬